How to Condense Your Makeup and Jewelry For Your Travels

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How many of us women love to wear makeup and jewelry? A majority of us I would say for sure! And how many of us can easily decide how much to bring without overpacking our luggage with every single piece we own, Hmmm… any of us? Here are some tips.

Make-up – Smart Packing

A lot of us don’t want to give up wearing makeup when we’re away or at all! Even if it’s just eye-shadows for the glamorous photos so our eyes “pop” out. If you need to bring a lot of options for yourself, I would recommend:

  • Using a zip-up make-up bag, such as LeSportsac or the free ones you get when buying a set at a Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s etc.
  • Use travel size bottles to pour foundation and lotions into – these are sold as packs of 4-6 at Rite Aid and similar stores.
  • Buy a small blush/bronzer pallete instead of the ginormous size one you might have at home. This way you can pack it for the beach, touching up at night, looking pretty on the flight etc.
  • Buy the smallest bottle nail polish to fix any chips you may get while you’re away
  • Bring 1 small pallete of eye-shadows which has a variety of colors so you can mix and match for the different nights
  • Pour eye make-up remover into a travel size bottle or bring remover in cloth form such as those from Koh Gen Do from Sephora.
  • Pack cotton balls – you can smush them and they won’t get ruined! Q-tips are more likely to get bent out of shape.
  • Choose one fragrance to have a small bottle of as your “travel perfume”

If you honestly can’t decide what to leave at home, at least pack it all into zip-lock bags. That way, anything that might spill or “open” when your suitcase is being tossed around, will not affect your other items. Push all the air out of the bags so you can roll it tight or lay it flat, one on top of the other.

Jewelry – Try to Pack it Together with Make-up!

Yes, the reasons being are – it works in saving space and it’s safer!

  • Pack earrings into “pill bags” / “pill pouches” (these are small plastic lock baggies your parents might use – at least my mom does and it was the best discovery yet) More earrings will fit together and you won’t lose them, then throw them into the front or back of your makeup bag!
  • Another place – in your birth control pill wallet
  • Pack necklaces, bracelets, the rest of the items into zip-lock bags too! Make sure to securely squeeze the bag closed.
  • Pack these bags into your makeup bag ( if possible) or place them right above the makeup in your suitcase.
  • For larger necklaces and larger earrings, laying them flat would be best.
  • Choose colors or styles that will go with majority of your outfits. For example, black and sterling silver is easier to match with than a bright pink gem stone necklace.

Not only will you save space, but you will feel 100% safer having to look at your jewelry when going to grab your makeup. I just used the pill bags for my earrings last week during a trip to Latin America, and never did one earring go solo out of the bag. I’ve always lost a stud or two in the past. It’s a reminder of where these items are if you pack this way and so you don’t turn your suitcase upside down searching in a panic.

One last tip is – pack make-up and jewelry into your carry-on suitcase if you can. You do not want to experience the feeling of lost jewelry (in addition to lost clothes) if your suitcase doesn’t turn up on the baggage claim belt. It’s a wretched feeling of the “OMG” and “What if I never get it back”. If you check a bag, try to keep it consisting of only clothes ,which are much easier to replace and of less sentimental value. That way if you do shed some tears, you’ll have your makeup to touch up your face and your jewels to keep you company and happy.

Photo by wei li graphic designer

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