Luxury at its Cheapest at Utila, Honduras

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Did you know that the U.S. dollar goes a long way in other countries? Honduras is one of those destinations.

While Honduras is a huge country, there are a few spots that have caught the attention of the world and tourists in recent years. Utila is one of those islands that has become a destination for those who can get a luxurious trip for a very, very affordable price.

Utila is an up and coming island where you can spend as little as $300 for a 5 night stay! That is including accommodations, food and activities, and super friendly people…that’s how I did it!



What and Where?

GPS Location: Bay Islands of Honduras

Utila is one out of the 3 volcanic islands above the mainland of Honduras. It offers a beachy escape for those that love the beach and water. Being only 3 miles wide and 7 miles long, you can rent an ATV for the entire day for only $40 and drive yourself around WITHOUT a tour guide.

Oh, and the US dollar is $1: $21 Hondurian Lempiras currency exchange rate. It is actually honored by everyone there!


What Can You Get for Your Buck?
• A private room ranging from $29-$60’s max per night – with private bathroom and air conditioning (it is a rarity there – Pirate’s Bay Inn provides it)
• A hostel room with shared bathroom for FREE if you are a scuba diver going with the affiliated dive shop – or pay a small rate of $5-$10 bucks per night (the more common option from everyone I met)
• Meals ranging from $2- $20’s for the “more expensive dinner”
• Barracuda and lionfish as exotic meals– about $5-$15 for huge portions
• Multiple and excellent dive trips for fun AND for certifications – I dove with Captain Morgan’s and did the 4 fun dives for $110. My boyfriend did the 6 fun dives for $156! For the Caribbean, Utila is one of the cheapest for diving.
• Free snorkeling – it’s coral reefs all over the island and fish are right outside your door. Ask the dive operator if you can join them on the boat to snorkel for free.
• Free to engage with the melting pot of people and make friends and connections for life

captain morgan boat

All the recommendations I provide here I have experienced myself:
Hotel Hotel:  Pirate’s Bay Inn

Scuba diving Scuba Diving: Captain Morgan’s Dive Center (affiliated with each another)
Restaurant Lunch: Munchie’s, Buccaneers, Pirate Bay’s Inn lunch at their bar
Restaurant Dinner: Babalu Bar, Buccaneers, Jade Seahorse
Bar Best Bars: Skid Row, Babalu, Jade Seahorse, Pirate’s Bay Inn bar
Taxi Vehicle Rental Shop: Rental Ronney
Beach Best Beaches: Private beach at Captain Morgan’s, Coral View beach, Bandu Beach

Tip: A lot of the hotels have docks to jump off of into the water but not any sandy spots for laying out. If you need a sandy spot make sure your hotel has one or stay at Pirate’s Bay Inn. Their beach was big enough for everyone, clean, yet private.

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