Checking In Online for Flights is a Piece of Cake

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Not too familiar with the web check-in services that airlines now provide?

Not only can you check in 24 hours prior to departure, you can do so online! If you have not set up your online (free) account to check in and make any additions or change to your flight, do so now. Almost every airline offers such a free service.

It’s super easy and here’s the few steps it takes:

Screen shot of the AA CPM Google Chrome Extension

1. Keep your flight info and confirmation handy in your e-mail once you book your flight. If you have someone else book the flight for you, have him or her forward you the e-mail for your records.

2. You should receive another e-mail from the airline when it’s 24 hours before the flight and online check in is available.

3. Follow the link to check in or go straight to the airline’s website to “Online check in” and enter your record locator or confirmation number (it’ll be in that initial e-mail you keep handy! )

4. From there, follow the screen prompts for checking any bags or any changes/additions you need to make.

5. Print boarding pass and come! If you can’t print it at the moment, at least you’re checked in.

Things to Know:

*Check in asap and make sure when the cutoff time is. Some airlines stop check in at 90 minutes prior to the flight, others at 60 minutes.

* Some airlines tend to oversell. Check in earlier to avoid being told you can’t board and need to be put on a later flight. LOT Polish airlines has done this, they will compensate you with hotel, food, and a couple hundred cash. I’ve always seen people opt out for the cash or people cancel their flights prior to that day.

* Not all airlines offer seat selection when you check in, such as Sun Country Air and Southwest and RyanAir. They may ask to charge you extra $5-$10 to do it online in advance or you can check in and choose seats for free at the airport.

*Download the airline’s app on your smartphone if offered if you don’t have a printer.

*Use the airport kiosk with an airline attendant if your comp is acting dumb and you can’t get through the process.

flight kiosk photo

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*Track your flight to see if it’s delayed on Flight Aware or Flight View or the airline’s website.

**If you miss your check in, try to politely ask the airline attendant to still let you on. They can call up to the gate and let you through if there’s enough time and especially if the flight is delayed!

Do you check in online regularly for a flight?