Chicago Loves Their Chocolate

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Photo by LongitudeLatitude

I recently returned from a trip to Chicago and could not believe how many chocolate bars I saw. I counted at least five and then stopped counting. It seems to be a “thing” out there. How do people handle their cravings?  The best part was. . .you can smell the chocolate fumes on the streets a few blocks away! It stayed in the air as an ambiance. I am so getting a craving right now.

Here are the chocolate factories you need to check out when in Chicago:

Blommer Chocolate Factory


Blommer is a chocolate factory located in the River West area of Chicago. This was the first chocolate place I passed as I began my walk towards the Loop with my girlfriends. We all kept turning back and smelling the goodness.

Fun Facts:

Blommer is the largest integrated chocolate and cocoa manufacturer in the US.

They have a  Research & Development Team and Innovation Team.

Chocolate liquer is made and sold. Mmmm…


vosges chicago  photo

Photo by kurafire

Vosges has 5 of their own locations within Chicago with their chocolate selling in many more other shops and terminals at the airport.

Fun Facts:

Bacon & Chocolate packages for eating.

Many corporate, office, wedding, gift packages that can exceed anyones’ expectations.

The Fudge Pot

the fudge pot chicago photo

Photo by irene.

The Fudge Pot is one of a kind and reminds me of Santa’s workshop, but chocolate instead.

Fun Facts:

Order personalized lollipops.

Eat chocolate molded items –  cars, animals, instruments etc.

Chocolate at the Pen Bar at the Peninsula Hotel

peninsula hotel chicago photoPhoto by Nicole Yeary

Located on the 5th floor of the Peninsula Chicago Hotel, they offer a chocolate buffet on Friday and Saturday evenings where you can pay $40 for all you can eat, including coffee, tea, cappuccino, and desserts.

Fun Facts:

It’s only $20 if you’re in the same dining area earlier than the buffet begins and want to join in.

Fannie May Fine Chocolates

fanny may chocolate chicago photo


Photo by Romi (Pixabay)

Fannie May’s is another chocolate bar that gets a lot of buzz for their taste and the hand crafted chocolates.

Fun Facts:

Cheesecake samplers and Artisan petits

They offer same day delivery options in Chicago

I would have done a chocolate bar hop if I had known in advance but that means I’ll have to save it for a future trip!