Island Talk Tuesday

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Photo by Badruddeen

Welcome to the beginning of “Island Talk Tuesday”!

I will blog about an island I’ve either visited or one I am researching. This is meant to be not only enjoyable, but a learning experience for myself to expand my knowledge about the islands of the world and share it with everyone else.

If I were asked the question “If you could move anywhere, where would it be?”, the answer would easily be –
A tropical island. I am obsessed with beaches, palm trees, island life, and all the activities that come with it.

Though I love to visit and learn about islands like this one..

islands aerial view photoPhoto by andrewmalone

I reside on a different sort of island which is this one…

long island map photoPhoto by jalbertbowdenii

Brooklyn, Queens and the Nassau and Suffolk counties are all on the big Long Island of NY.

Islands aren’t all tropical and tiny, they come in all sizes and offer more than just the beach life.

Some teasers for you…

Male, Capital of the Maldives – A city of more than 100k persons!

malé maldives photoPhoto by timo_w2s

Santorini, Greek Island – amazing architecture and ancient ruins.

islands aerial view photoPhoto by snowfish2014

Solomon Islands – folklore and tales dating to “hobbit-like” people and 74 local languages spoken.

solomon islands photoPhoto by Adelaide Archivist

See you every Tuesday for Island Talk !

Any islands you want to read about, please comment below 🙂

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  1. Thanks girl! And me too… it looks like one of the top island spots in the Great Barrier Reef area the more I read about it. Hopefully someday!

  2. Island are the best! I live on one myself 🙂
    Great topic – i especially enjoyed the lizard island in Australia, sound like somewhere i’ld like to go 🙂

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