Get to Know the Languages of Aruba

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Bon Bini!  Welcome!

Papiamiento and Dutch are the official languages of Aruba. While most of the people there will speak Spanish and English in addition, I wanted to share with you some of their native language if you plan on visiting Aruba. Papiamiento is also spoke in Bonaire, Curacao and Saint Eustatius, but not in any other country!

Here is a quick guide of some phrases commonly used in both languages. Try them out and take a break from your everyday language.


Bom bini – Welcome
Bon dia – Hello / Good morning
Ami – Me
Abo – You
Con ta bai? – How are you?
Hopi bon – Very good
Mi nomber ta – My name is
Mi por a hanja un cerbes/drink – Can I have a beer/bebe?
Bebe – To drink
Plies – Please
Danki – Thank you
Unda e ta? – Where is it?
Cuantor tin? – What time is it?
Un sunchi – A kiss
Mi amor – My love
Mi ta stimabo – I love you


Welkom – Welcome
Hallo / Goededag – Hello
Mij – Me
Jou/Je – You
Hoe gaat het? – How are you?
Heel goed – Very good
Ik heet – My name is
Kan ik een biertje/ drankje – Can I have a beer/ drink
Drinken – To drink
Alatublieft – Please
Dank je – Thank you
Waar is het – Where is it?
Hoe laat is het? – What time is it?
Een kus – A kiss
Mijn liefde – My love
Ik houd van u – I love you

Do you know Papamiento?