Why You Should Take an Overnight Flight to Europe

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Photo by LoadedAaron

Why are overnight flights to Europe so much fun to take? Tons of reasons actually. Almost all the flights flying from the East Coast to Europe are overnight.

Here is why booking an overnight flight to Europe rocks:

1. Saving a night off paying for a hotel
Since you’re flying overnight, you get to leave the evening before you arrive at your destination and you already paid for your ticket which includes that comfy seat you’ll be sleeping in ( enter sarcasm). Some people, like myself, love to sleep on the plane though so that’s the easy part when it’s nighttime.

2. Skip some anxiety
Where else do you get to skip the night of anxiety at home for the trip and the alarm clock? You get to already be on your way and no alarm clock needed, the flight attendants will wake you up if necessary.

3. Spend the morning at your destination
Since you fly in overnight, you get to your European destination early in the day and get to make the most out of Day 1 of your trip. Get some coffee, tea, or jet off to your hotel and begin enjoying yourself.

4. Get a connecting flight and visit an extra country
You can easily get a flight with a connection with enough time to leave the airport and visit a second country while you’re there. You can even ask sometimes fir a longer connection with some European airlines. If flights are overbooked, you may be offered money to wait to get onto the next flight. The cash offer usually begins at $200 and can grow fast to $500 plus if no one wants to budge. Making money so easily? Why not.

Do you love overnight flights?