How to Stop Sea Sickness

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Photo by colink.

“Rock the boat baby” may not be as fun as it sounds. This past week I got sea sickness for the first time and it was by far the worst feeling ever! I had never been on a boat in the ocean that rocked so badly back and forth as when I was at De Palm Island in Aruba. I had some tips in my head such as looking at a far steady spot away, but wish I had more helpful ideas to stop the feeling I experience before ultimately vomiting.

Here’s how to stop sea sickness if it starts to happen to you…

1. Find a spot in the horizon that is not moving and focus on it. It will stabilize your internal body.

2. Drink a juice of the lime, lemon, carrot type, parsley, prunes to ease your stomach. It’s a myth that these cure sea sickness, can’t hurt to try!

3. Mentally think you’re not sea sick! Try to think of something happy and attempt to daze off.

4. Ask to jump off the boat if possible when stationary. If you’re moving,  ask the captain to stop so you can have a break.

5.  If it all fails and you feel it coming, find the sink/bathroom/ hurl out the side of the boat safely and you’ll feel better after.

If you’re prone to get sea sickness often, it’s a good idea to ask the captain or whoever you boat with, if you’ll be passing by a rocky area so you can prepare yourself for what’s to come.

Have you ever gotten sea sick?