De Palm Island, Aruba – Island Talk Tuesday

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Photo by mdanys

Sorry for being in Aruba last Tuesday! The “free” WiFi was not allowing me to do much but I have come back with one of Aruba’s islands to share with you!

About De Palm Island, Aruba

De Palm Island is an island off the mainland of Aruba. You can book an all-inclusive trip to stay on the island or take day tours through operators such as DePalmTours or Viator.

How Do I Get Here?

It’s a boat ride away off the mainland, not too far from any of the hotels. You can arrange for hotel pickup to be brought to the dock.  Then you can spend the day or half a day exploring and sign up for activities.

What to Do There

de palm island aruba photoPhoto by armsultan


Things to do include snorkeling on the reef, SNUBA, banana boat rides, their own waterpark, and of course lounging, food, and drinks on the island. You can also opt for to go on the sunset sail .

Climate and When to Come Visit

Aruba has perfect weather all year round! It boasts an average of 84-86° Farenheit and is out of the hurricane zone. It’s very close to the equator so you will not see temps dip into the 70’s. The only precaution is to be aware of the waves because Aruba is windy all the time and the boat does get very rocky in this area which has caused people to experience sea sickness.

Have you gone to De Palm Island?