Five Beaches in Aruba to Escape from the Crowds

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During my trip to Aruba last week, I visited five beaches other than the famous Palm Beach. Reports say Palm Beach, where the high rise hotels are, is always crowded and not the cleanest. From my friends who have visited and stayed at a hotel there, I was told that supposedly you have to get up at 5am in order to get a chair in the beach.

This was told to be true when I asked others in Aruba plus you may have to pay extra to have a “beach spot/beach chair” held for you throughout the day. Who wants to deal with that and staying in Aruba is already expensive enough?!!

Here are five beaches in Aruba where the crowds are not to be found:

1. Renaissance Island


Knowing that I did not want to stay in Palm Beach, I booked my stay at the Renaissance Aruba Resort, which has access to their private island – Renaissance Island. It’s exclusive for the guests of the resort.

This is also where you will find the flamingos!

There’s a water taxi that runs every seven (or less) minutes. There’s two beaches perfect for snorkeling.  One beach is exclusive for adults and includes the flamingos that live there while the other is open to everyone and has the bar and restaurant.

2. Punta Brabo Beach


I visited my best friend who was staying at the Aruba Beach Club, by far this was my favorite beach. It was so clean, not too far a walk to the water, and with beachfront bars and restaurants such as Matthew’s and Tortuga, it’s easy to get anything else you may want. The water was so clear and no garbage!

3. Natural Bridge near Arikok National Park


If you didn’t hear of the Natural Bridge yet, now you have. It’s a bumpy jeep or ATV ride to the east side of the country. However, you will probably find no one there.

Walk down through the rocks and lay yourself out in front of this beautiful sight. There may be a lack of sandy spots depending on the tide. Park along the path near the cliff for a bigger view. There’s many rocks when you try to get into the water which makes it slippery but snorkeling is possible once you get past them.

4. Secret beach, looks like Andicuri



I tried to find the name of this beach so hard and I believe it to be Andicuri. There were no signs and I stumbled upon it while looking for the Natural Pool. It resembles the picture and location in the Interactive Map for Aruba so I hope I’m right!  There was plenty of seaweed when I went, garbage too which we speculated may have come from sea due to the waves. Good for surfing!

5. Natural Pool – Conchi


Another attraction I had to visit, Conchi, you climb down steep steps after you park and you need a Jeep or ATV to get here as well. The beach is huge and it is easier to get into the pool. Snorkeling is actually amazing and the waves crash over the rocks and onto you, slightly. There is a “hot tub like” pool over some rocks that is naturally heated by the sun all day.

There are so many more beaches to visit when in Aruba. I recommend you leave the beach your accommodations are at in order to explore and maybe you’ll find something better than where you are.

What beaches do you visit in Aruba?