Dutch Springs for a Weekend Getaway

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As the summer comes to a close, I have wanted to return to Dutch Springs in Lehigh Valley, PA for another mini getaway. I went here last year for my Advanced scuba certification exam and ended up making a last minute decision to camp overnight because it was so fun!

Where is Dutch Springs

dutch springs photoPhoto by diametrik

GPS Location: Pennsylvania

Dutch Springs is located less than 2 hours away from NYC in Pennsylvania. It is a fresh water quarry with much to offer for everyone. Many scuba shops take their students here for exams, but certified scuba divers can come for the day as well. Besides scuba diving, Dutch Springs offers swimming areas, a waterpark, food stands, picnicking, bbq-ing and camping.

The two down sides are that no open fires are allowed and no drinking. You have to pay your entry fee (different for depending what you’re coming for, see prices here for camping and here for scuba diving and general admissions to the watermark.

The last dive is at 5pm and you have to be paid to camp overnight by that time as well. I happened to sneak in some beers into my tent, you have to make sure no one sees you because they are strict on the “no alcoholic beverages” rule. If you’re looking to have a bonfire and drink, a normal camping ground will give you that and not at Dutch Springs. You can always come enjoy it for the day and drive back to wherever you’re staying.

The water is clear and warm. The coolest part is that there are sunken vehicles, such as buses, helicopters and cars underwater to explore. And you can meet tons of new friends.

The quarry is closed for the winter from December to March and reopens in April. July and August are definitely the best months to come since it’s the warmest then.

Have you gone diving in Dutch Springs?