How to Make Flying More Enjoyable for a Frustrated Companion and Yourself

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Friend, family member, boyfriend, coworker, whoever it may have be – you probably have had at least one experience at an airport/airplane with someone who is a frustrated/unhappy traveler.


If you’re expecting the person you’re traveling with to not be a happy camper, or you yourself want to have a better time traveling, maybe you can take away some tips I leave for you all. I’m the happiest traveler ever – even a layover doesn’t make me that mad – ask my friends. You can make something work for you if you let it and put on a smile!

  • Talk, talk, talk – about anything that can go wrong, about fun things to do, or engage in conversation overall with each other or with strangers
  • Both go through guidelines and discuss what you’re packing, what irks you, do

Preparation for the Airport

  • Expect the unexpected and talk about it beforehand- don’t come with the impression that everything is going to go smooth at the airport or even on the airplane
  • If you don’t want to check a bag, read the guidelines online off the airlines’ websites and don’t bring an over sized bag
  • If you don’t listen to guidelines, don’t be pissed if you’re asked to check a bag – you were warned
  • If you come prepared to check a bag, get there at least 2 hours before your flight to get through the line (not counting security)
  • Security lines suck – but we have to all go through them – check out if airlines have a Priority Access line such as American Airlines to get speedier access (think Six Flags style) orif you can sign up for programs such as Clear or Global Entry.
  • Once you’re through, if you couldn’t help yourself and your emotions, get a drink or relax in silence so you don’t exacerbate your feelings

Being Comfortable in the Airplane

  • If you get to pick seats when booking a flight, pick the one you want!
  • Aisle, middle or window – pick the one that’s most comfortable for you
  • Do you want to sit with your companion or would you prefer to be in a more comfortable seat?
  • Take some sleeping aides if you easily get bored – Siminex, Nytol, Benadryl
  • Bring a laptop and pop in a DVD or have a downloaded book or movie to watch on your IPad, Kindle etc.
  • Need a neck pillow or blanket? They don’t give those out for free everywhere like they used to
  • Order a drink!

Layovers and Overnights

  • Always expect a layover, always, so when you don’t have one to experience you can be much happier
  • Bring  extra things to keep you company in case you have a long layover or a delay – books, magazines, games on your electronic devices, money to spend, pen and paper (extra from what you were going to use while on the flight)
  • Keep a pair or two of spare clothes in case you need to be put overnight in a hotel
  • If you do need a spend in a hotel, try to enjoy it, and the free vouchers for food, and if anything push back work one day so you have an extra day of vacation. Keep your ticket stubs for proof and voucher receipts to show your place of employment if necessary
  • Purchase some WiFi for Internet, if you’re on vacation what’s another few bucks for some entertainment?

Try to keep frustration and any negativity out, it won’t help although if you can laugh it off props to you!

Do you get frustrated when you fly?

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  1. Traveling with my elderly mother to the UK next week. All my travel rules will fly out the window!

    1. Haha hope you two had a good flight! O moms 🙂

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