What’s a Man to Like About Arizona

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I haven’t visited Arizona yet, and have been dieing to go since I can’t even remember. Fortunately, my boyfriend got the chance to go more than once to Scottsdale on business trips and was more than thrilled with his time there. I of course asked him a million questions about Arizona and got to know why he liked it so much and why tons of business trips occur there all the time.

Here’s why he enjoyed Arizona:

When he last went in July, the temperature reached 106 degrees Fahrenheit,
yet he was comfortable with it and he liked it more than the 80’s temps in New York. He said it was so easy to breathe and humidity did not exist,

What man doesn’t like dirt roads and having any chance to get dirty in the desert, mountains, middle of nowhere land? The cacti everywhere allowed him to take tons of cool pics also.

Even though there’s no beaches, he said there’s pools everywhere at the hotels and they’re quite nice. He stayed at the Radisson Fort McDowell. He said most of peoples’ homes had pools too.

Phenomenal munchies
There’s amazing food of every kind, especially Mexican. He was able to eat cactus quesadillas too made from the saguaro cactus that grows right in Arizona. Having so many individuals who have crossed the border gives you this plus of authentic meals.

They’re everywhere, he gambled a lot and drank a lot for free. That’s where the major partying is besides the many bars in Scottsdale.

Golf courses
They’re even more plentiful. No wonder so many business trips were going in at the same time.

Grand Canyon
He didn’t get a chance to go, but it’s a 4 hour car ride from Phoenix. Wouldn’t that be nice to be able to drive to one of the famous National parks.

How do you tell the age of a cactus?
By its’ arms but… You’re not able to precisely! The average is 20 years when the saguaro cactus reaches 1 foot height. A cactus that is about 40 feet or higher is most likely 75 years old, 100, or more! They can live up to over 150 years.

Do you love Arizona?