How to Snag a Deal on Flights

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I wish I were browsing flights or the web more yesterday, Because you would have noticed that United Airlines posted mistake fares of incredible mistaken $$. Some people were tweeting that you could get a flight from Texas to Hawaii for $10 round-trip or short regional flights for $10.

Mistakes on posting fares have occurred before and sometimes they are honored by the airlines, since it is their mistake, isn’t it? Sometimes they’re not.

If you’re not one who got to buy one of the fares yesterday or in the past, keep this in mind for the future. If you see a fare that is too good to be true or definitely a mistake, you can try to purchase it and see if it’s honored. You’re a customer anyway and you want to be kept happy.

savings photoPhoto by Tax Credits

If no such mistake fares come your way, use these tips to snag a deal on a flight:

1. Prices tend to be cheap Mondays when everyone is busy at work. They drop even more Tuesdays.

2. Sometime, they drop even more Wednesday last minute when it’s close to the weekend.

3. Watch for sales on Airfarewatchdog – they post plenty on their website and on Twitter.

4. Use to search the entire month or “to everywhere” as your destination.

5. Set up an alert if you are looking to go to a specific destination. You will be e-mailed daily emails on the prices of flights.

6. Use a credit card for which you can redeem travel points on. Then redeem the points towards the cost of your flight.

7. Be on Facebook – many flight sales get posted their daily. The more you click on them, the more they will populate your feed.

What is the best deal you have snagged on a flight?