GoEuro: An Easy to Use Search Engine for Europe Travel

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Photo by joiseyshowaa

Planning to travel through Europe? Try out this fairly new multi-mode travel search engine – GoEuro which was developed earlier this year and continues to grow.

I tried out this search engine since I am going to Europe the next month and stopping over a few places – London, Dublin, and Belfast. Here’s what I have to share:

What areas does GoEuro search?

Europe – from main cities to smaller villages.

What travel options can GoEuro search?

Train tickets, buses, and flights. Car rental options too!

Is it easy to use?

In my opinion, it is actually very easy to use! Look at this sample search I did from London to Dublin below.

goeuro sample

The search engine provides you with the results by cheapest and train/rail first (if train option exists). As you see, there’s also a tab on the upper right corner for the “fastest” traveling options, There’s two other tabs in the middle of the page for airline and bus routes that you can click without the need for an entire new search. Not pictured here, but to the left of this page you’ll get a little map of how far you’re going from one country to the other.

Bonus: Combining options: When you search flights, it will show the cost for taking the train to the airport and the flight cost separately.

Limits and Growth: So far the languages it is available in is English and German. GoEuro is working on expanding the website to be offered in more languages.

I tested this search engine out for tons of other cities and kept receiving results in a simple form, just as I showed you in the photo example above. I searched for a possible future trip I may take from Madrid to Ibiza next year, curious of what would come up. The results were 12 pages of different flight options. And, the majority of the options were flights I would actually take without crazy layovers!

As a travel tool for Europe this is one of the easiest I have ever used. It is straight forward, has an easy layout, and offers different modes of travel.

Have you used GoEuro?