Bridesmaids Travel – Five Things to Coordinate to Bring to the Wedding Preparation

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Photo by MadGypsyMoon

Just this past weekend, I was a bridesmaid in my best friends’ wedding. That led to me think of this post for items we could have coordinated and brought while getting ready. We all had packed up small bags for the day/night to travel from Brooklyn to the reception in Long Island.

Even though it wasn’t a long travel to the reception, it made me think of how to prepare for other weddings, especially if any of them are destination weddings! We ladies need a lot of items and it would be nice for us all to have extra space in our bags if all of divided up what items to bring.

Here are small items every bridesmaid should bring:

1. Pocket mirror: For checking our make-up and hair after we leave for the event and onto the reception.

2. Eye-liner: Even though we’ll have make-up done or at least on before we leave, eye-liner will need to be touched up after our tears and smiling.

3. Bobby pins/hair pins: One of the friends brought hair pins and they gave the hair styles a much better look – more stylish!

4. Travel size hair spray: We forgot this one – it would have been a good one to have! Frizz-ease is my choice.

5. The t word – tampons: No pictures necessary of those things, good to have as precautionary for yourself or others.

What other items would you tell your bridesmaids to bring?