TBEX 2013 – 10 Items You Should Bring – For Yourself!

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TBEX Europe 2013 is ONE week away in Dublin! We’ve probably all started packing or at least jotted down somewhat of a packing list. Right?  Business cards, media kits, notepad, pens etc. etc. The list goes on and on.

How about items to bring for ourselves during TBEX? I mean – things in our bags we won’t be giving out to anyone else.

Maybe some of you bring these items with you on a day to day basis. If you don’t, maybe some of them you would consider.

1. Deoderant/Perfume

I’m not calling anyone smelly! But if you’re going to a conference of hundreds of people from 8am-6pm, you might feel comfortable refreshing at some point. I didn’t include travel time and transit  in the hours. You might be in a packed bus or hot cab on the way to the conference in the morning. What then? What if the conference room isn’t cold enough for you? It’s just a suggestion 😉

2. Sweater/scarf

The opposite of being too hot is being too cold. If the AC is pumping too much, layer yourself or throw one of these into your bag. Your neck might thank you later.

3. Breath mints

If you’re a regular gum chewer or mint popper, bring a fresh pack. If you need a lot of coffee, you probably won’t want that taste lingering in your mouth all day. If you meet someone cute, well that’s the second use for them too!

4.Five hour energy?

You know yourself if you need these or something along similar lines for a long day.

5. Printed directions

Yes the conference should have Wi-Fi, but what about getting around in between? I personally already printed out directions from Hopstop to bring with me to fall back on if my phone dies or if I can’t load it onto my cell phone. Again, with 6,000 attendees, phone service might bust if everyone is searching at the same time.

6. Band aids

Break out those new shoes! I know I will – got the perfect pair of ankle boots with short heels. I am definitely bringing Band-Aids for myself and to share! It won’t be as fun not being able to walk around and introduce yourself if you’re limping due to blisters on your feet.

7. Flats

If you like to change into more comfortable shoes later into the day, bring a pair of flats in your bag. They have flats that fold through Walgreen’, Target, and other big name brand stores.

8. Brush/Comb

To fix your hair or restyle it later in the night, this will be more helpful than using your hands and your hair will maintain its’ freshness, aka less grease.

9. Spare contact lenses

Losing sight in one eye because your contact lens teared or fell out can be frustrating. I always pack two extra pairs with me, because I’m super blind without them. Don’t take the chance it won’t happen to you because it did to me, I had to change contacts in both eyes one weekend!

10. Yourself!

I know, that really isn’t an item but to then again it is. Be true to yourself of who you are and your personality. Of course you have to act professionally and pitch it when you need to. But don’t turn into a fake person. It would be awful if you acted one way towards a potential employer, turned your back, and then they saw you acteing like an entirely different person with someone else. Backfire baby.

Well, I’ll see everyone at TBEX DUBLIN 2013 in 1 week! Hope this helps out with your packing lists!