Why October is a Great Month to Visit the West USA

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As October approaches, the Western states of the USA are beginning to experience the change of the leaves and milder temperatures before winter hits. People usually plan to visit during summer when then parks and deserts are hot! Winter is even more popular for the skii-ing season. Here’s some things you might like about going in October:

1. Fall foliage
Patchy areas have begun this last week of September in some areas of all the states: California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, and Montana. By the end of October, some areas will be past peak due to the cold temps coming In quickly. Now’s the time to see rows of beautiful yellow, red, brown, purple trees.

2. Lower prices on hotels and flights
Since summer and winter are the peak seasons, October falls in the middle and this isn’t the time most people choose to come. Everything is cheaper and it’ll be easier to get a room upgrade maybe?

3. Temperatures
It’s not in the 100’s as it was in August or September. The days aren’t in the 30’s as they might be in November. Already some mountain areas are seeing 30’s at night, the day temps reach above freezing.

4. Early ski season
Want to try to hit the slopes early? Loveland and A-basin slopes in Colorado opens mid- October or if the right snow falls, maybe you’ll get lucky with suprise openings earlier.

5. More sightseeing
Going together with temps, it will be a good month to not get stuck in a snowstorm or get dehydrated from massive heat. You can probably do a lot more sightseeing, driving around, and outdoors activities without being trapped inside or just on a snowy mountain.

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  1. I love Colorado and have never seen it without snow! Thanks for the idea to go sooner

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