Valentia Island, Ireland – Island Talk Tuesday

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Photo by lennox_mcdough

About Valentia Island

Valentia Island of Ireland is the most western island of the hundreds of islands that actually exist around Ireland! As I’m going to visit Dublin this week, I was amazed to learn about so many islands on the west, south, and northern coasts of Ireland. Valentia is only one of them! There’s a small permanent population of 713 but there’s much to see here and is one of the tourist attractions. It was the location for transatlantic telegraphic cable for a long time.  It’s great to see the Irish coasts and history of the island.

How do I Get There?

The main way is to get into Killarney and then take a bus to Cahersiveen. From there, there is a car ferry from Reenard Point or take a taxi over the bridge to the island. There are flights to Killarney multiple times throughout the day as well as 3 connections from Dublin.  It takes about 1.5 hours from Killarney if you drive the entire way.

What is There to Do?

valentia island photoPhoto by mozzercork

There’s plenty of cliffs called the Fogher Cliffs and you can also visit Geokaun Mountain. Glanleam House has sub-tropical gardens, they never have had frost due to the path of the Atlantic winds! There’s also the Cable station to visit, Telegraph Field, and the lighthouse. Majority to see is from the views of the island itself, the ocean, and surrounding Irish islands from a higher elevation on the cliffs.

Climate and When to Come Visit

Valentia Island experiences a warmer climate than the rest of Ireland due to its location in the Atlantic Ocean. Any time of year is good to go visit. Winters aren’t brutal but the it depends on where you are traveling from that will affect your trip.

Summer – June through September – temps are in the 80’s

Winter – December through March – temps are in the low 40’s, they don’t go lower than that!