First Impressions of Dublin

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I have been in Dublin just over 24 hours for the first time and I love it! As I am about to venture out I wanted to share with you what I have experienced and seen so far, here we go!

1. The sour dough bread is actually sour! USA replicas do not even come close.

2. Guiness signs are almost everywhere and hanging outside of the bars

3. It’s true..the Guinness here really is the best

4. There are signs on the sidewalk saying “Look left” and “look right” to help tourists cross the road. They drive on the left side of the road.

5. The buses don’t honk at you if you run across the street! I have seen locals do it all the time and I’ve learned to follow!

5. The buses drivers are the best, no bumps or sudden stops or “almost getting into accidents”.

6. Numerous hostels on every block and tours to Kilkenny almost everyday

7. An Irish car bomb is called a boilermaker.

8. Thursday is late night shopping! Stores are open until 9pm instead of 6/7pm.

Time for me to experience more and everyone else, come to Dublin!