Newport, Rhode Island – Island Talk Tuesday

Photo by Dougtone

About Newport Island

Newport is an island off of Rhode Island. While it is mostly visited in the summer, its’ popularity has grown and more visitors come throughout all months of the year for a get-away. There’s plenty to do on this Northeastern island that’s not typical of other islands.

How Do I Get There?

Newport is easiest to reach by car coming from the surrounding states and areas. You may also take a boat, bus or train onto the island from mainland Rhode Island. The closest airports are in Warwick, Rhode Island and Middletown, RI or Boston, MA. Warwick airport is about 3 miles away.

What is There to Do?

ri mansion

The most famous of attractions is the mansions tour – The Breakers, Elms, Rosecliff etc. There’s 10 of them total and you can do tours or self-tours on 5 out of the 10 offered.

There’s plenty of history in Newport. There are walking tours through the island and of the Cliffs, which are steep steps off the ocean side.  The marina hosts boats for sailing and games. There are historical museums and antique shops throughout the town.

One thing to note – Rhode Island does not have happy hour but the prices are cheaper than the big cities of the US!

There’s 5 beaches throughout the island and plenty seafood restaurants to eat at.

Climate and When to Come Visit

Summer – June through September – Is peak season and the hottest time to come. The water warms up well.

The other seasons are cooler but still offer an escape, cheaper prices at the hotels/inns, and a more exclusive private experience due to fewer individuals on the island.