Thoughts on the London Palace, U.K.

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Last week was my second time to London and my first time to Buckingham Palace. There’s something about London and the palace that raised some questions and thoughts. Anyone else who has visited or lived there,  can you relate with what I felt below?

– A real palace exists with actual royalty living in it, I want to be a princess!
– Maybe I will get to see the queen and king walking out the palace?
– There’s hope of our country being run better.
– Can we have pounds as our currency?
– How do those guards stand so still?
– Why is there always a super short guard?
– Of course it would be raining, is it ever sunny?
– There’s more Pret a Mangers than McDonald’s,  really? ?
– A lot of the houses are so short. Do they have skyscrapers?
– The tube has cushioned seats, can my train line have that too?

I was told I should visit Picadilly Circus area for more of the London feel. They supposedly have taller buildings there too. Hopefully next time!

How did you feel about the London Palace?