Transportation Flows – Dublin, Ireland

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I’ve been telling the world – Dublin has the best flowing transportation! How hasn’t New York and other countries adapted such a model?

I spent six days in Dublin for the TBEX conference earlier this month. I never took one single cab ride!

As a courtesy of TBEX, all attendees received a 3 day unlimited Freedom bus pass with a free Air Link bus ride from the airport to the city. There were other shuttle rides offered in between events, but I took buses all the way!

First off, let’s talk about the flow.

Catching any transportation in Dublin is so easy! You have numerous buses, the light rail, called the Luas, and the express train, called the Dart. All of them run so frequently, I would get to my destinations so quick!
Even at night, I took the Luas back from the Guinness Storehouse to O Connell Street area, poof I was home in no time.

Easy transportation makes me happy. Wouldn’t it make you happy too?


Secondly, the express trains that go across country – Europe has this, why doesn’t North America?
I didn’t personally take one but spoke with plenty others who did, and they got to Kilkenny in 1.5 hours.

Thirdly, the cleanliness and comfort. The buses I were on were two floors and have soft cushiony chairs. The train was super wide and long. Plus, its above ground so you can sightsee at the same time. Double bonus!

A nice experience I witnessed dozens of times also – pedestrians running across the streets and buses/trains not honking! The drivers are so understanding and my ears did not have to endure long, annoying honk horns!

After returning to NY and riding the subway line over and over, I can’t get over why our mass transportation is so chaotic. Why does everyone feel the need to honk? Don’t get me started on if the horn is held for like, a minute straight. Why our are forms of transportation so dirty? Why don’t we have two level buses? O yea- because there would be crime all over the second floor and crazy Americans have to be controlled.

Well, I definitely resort to public transportation wherever I go and Dublin caught my heart in this area.

Check out more on Dublin to come soon!

P.S. I kept my bus ride tickets as souvenirs and reminders for the next trip.

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