The Peacefulness of Irish Monasteries in Dublin, Ireland

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Irish Monasteries – such beautiful places of prayer and learning – who knew they would have such an effect on me?
During my trip to Dublin, Ireland for the TBEX conference, I had one day at the end of it all to myself for surprises and no planning or researching at all!

Where did I end up that day?

Ultimately it was across the Irish border,  but I ended up at the monastery named Monasterboice first.


Monasterboice is an Irish monastery you might make a stop at if you’re driving north. I have visited old cemeteries and churches prior to this but somehow visiting this Irish place of history and ruins, made me feel something different, like there was more to the world than what was happening in the “now”.
It made me feel as if I had traveled back in time and stumbled upon this. I felt life was simple, life was to enjoy the fresh air and nature.  That is all that surrounds you there and maybe some cows grazing in the fields.


I walked through the gates and cemetery of Monasterboice thinking, what if I were alive during another time? When monks lived there? My mind has this crazy daydream occurring which still happens every time I look through the pictures. I haven’t posted the monastery pictures yet because I can’t seem to get out of this happy, peaceful spell every time I look at them. They feel special and sacred.

Sure, I had some religious thoughts too but that’s a different story.


I am so grateful my “free” day in Dublin led me to Monasterboice. It has led me to read more history and tell others my experience. It gave me thoughts on visiting more monasteries and places of prayer and learning in my future travels.


Ireland has more monasteries than I could have counted online.  I could have easily googled to see if there was an exact number, but this mystery of how many monasteries exist in Ireland is fun to keep, at least for now.

So I strongly urge you, if you’re in Ireland, take that fork in the road and rear off to a monastery. You might come out feeling more pleased and happy after you’ve done so like me.

Plus, it gave me ideas in my head for the future that I did not have before! Something magical and historical is in the air at these sites for sure.

Have you visited a monastery in Ireland?

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  2. Your post was a very nice read and the photographs are amazing..Did you visit the Irish coast line? It is so beautiful and rugged…

    1. Thanks! The photos were actually taken by my Samsung Galaxy 4. My camera battery died that day! I passed along the coast when I was headed up north towards Belfast but did not end up at it. I have to do that next time, it looked beautiful from afar.

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