Koh Tao, Thailand – Island Talk Tuesday

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About Koh Tao

Koh Tao is  a tropical island of Thailand and at first glance, you might remember it as one of the areas being hit by the December 26th 2004 tsunami. It is also known as “Turtle Island” due to it’s geographic shape.

How Do I Get There?

The island is reachable by ferry. One would first have to fly into Koh Sumai Airport and then take a ferry as there are plentiful. There are many flight and train options to connect to the airport from main cities such as Banghok.

What is There to Do?

koh tao photoPhoto by bboylanky

Koh Tai has beaches for tanning, swimming, and water activities. There many dirt roads and low mountains for renting a motorcycle or a vehicle to drive around. Rock-climbing is a big activity here if you’re into climbing mountains. There are beginner and expert trips you can do. Muay Thai boxing is the famous sport, to watch or take a class in.

Climate and When to Visit

Thailand is supposed to be sunny all year ’round, but take a look at some months you may want to avoid.

Summer Season – April through June – with the hottest days and temperatures.

Monsoon season – October through December – much more humid and high chance of rainfall

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