South Beach or Fort Lauderdale?

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Which is your preference to visit in Florida – South Beach or Fort Lauderdale?

I personally have been feeling that I lean towards enjoying Fort Lauderdale more. Although I do love going to South Beach and the party scene there. Miami reminds me of a mini-Manhattan and the skyline does not disappoint.

I’ve passed up on returning to South Beach a few times because I wanted something different and I’ve thought to myself “already done that”. Now, I am potentially looking to moving to Miami for a bit but it is such a hard decision!

Which beach neighborhood would you choose and what do you count as pro’s and con’s?

Fort Lauderdale                                                        

  • Close to other beaches, such as Delray, Boca Raton, Pompano and Deerfield.
  • Less of a party scene, but still many bars and beach venues available.
  • Less crowded beaches and less sloppy drunks.
  • A more “older” crowd residing there
  • Better for families

South Beach

  • Close to downtown Miami and quick ride to the Florida Keys
  • Major strip of Ocean Drive and many entertainment spots.
  • Crowded beaches, more parties and clubs
  • Promoters on beaches approaching you for deals to a club/party
  • More of a younger 20’s crowd at most times especially during spring break time.
  • Worse parking and regulations on roads
  • Skyline and real city feel
  • Museums and attractions

To get into details on bars and clubs, I won’t do but South Beach does have significantly more. It all depends on what you like and the atmosphere of places you like to go out to.

Being towards my 30’s now, I still cannot make up my mind!

If you’ve moved to Florida, let me know where and how you like it.

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