Lizard Island – Australia – Island Talk Tuesday

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About Lizard Island

lizard island

Lizard Island is located in Australia, off the north-eastern coast in the Great Barrier Reef. It is 150 miles north of the city, Cairns. It is National Park and an airstrip for small planes to land on. The Great Barrier Reef is supposedly the best here, but the coral may be deadly if you come too close.

And yes, there are lizards!


The goannas are large, up to 1.5 meters and they are found everywhere, even outside your home. They will eat everything (except humans) and they might hiss you at you I read. They mainly run off when you come closer.

How Do I Get There?

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There are domestic flights from Cairns flying into the island. The flight is only 1 hour. The price is pretty high- $335 one way to almost $700 roundtrip. The reefs must be worth it! For such a price, there are beautiful accomodations to stay at and you should stay a few days.

What is There to Do?

lizard islandpark

Rent a private room or bungalow and this takes out the option of a day trip! Scuba diving is the famous sport here as well as snorkeling. There is also: helicopter tours, sailing, groumet provate picnics,  bushwalking (yepp) sailing, spa treatments for relaxation, bird-watching, and everything the beach has to offer.

Climate and When to Visit

Australia is located on the Southern Hemisphere, therefore if you want the summer temps…

Summer –  December to March

Winter – June through September

All the other months in between are somewhat Autumn/Spring-like.

On the beach areas, they may drop as low as to the 50’s so it does make a difference when you come visit.