Wolin, Poland – Island Talk Tuesday

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Photo by tacker

About Wolin

I had to cover an island from my Polish Heritage! Wolin is an island off the northern coast of Poland, near the mouth of the Oder River and the Baltic Sea. This island is a popular one for Polish, Scandinavian, and German vacationers.

How Do I Get There?

The closest airport is in Szczecin which is about 1 hour away by car and you can drive into the island.

Coming from Sweden or Denmark, there is a ferry available.

What Is There to Do?

 Miedzyzdroje  photo

Photo by Janek B

The seaside town on the island is called Miedzyzdroje where there’s many hotels to stay in. There’s beaches and dunes to play in. The Wolin National Park is the most visited attraction. Visitors love the hiking and the nature. Wetlands and forests make up the island. Plus, there’s bison in the parks.

Climate and When to Visit

The island and hotels are open year-round. For beach weather, come during the months of July and August. Any other month is open for a visit if you prefer a cozy winter-cation.