Airbnb Vs. Hotels in Paradise

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A few years ago, I began making reservations at apartments at different tropical destinations offered through Airbnb as opposed to renting hotels. I just heard of the site in recent years (also similar to and after using it a few times, feel like I get such a better deal than in a hotel! I definitely broke out of the bubble of staying only in hotels.

Now that’s not to say that I will never stay in a hotel again. Hotels are a great experience and so easy. There’s room service, restaurants, bars, amenities, and you know exactly what’s included. Plus, you have someone clean your room everyday.

With renting homes through Airbnb, you’re much more on your own and have to ensure you clean up after yourself and feed yourself. That’s the cool part about it. You get a separate living room and kitchen everywhere I believe… There’s no apartment that comes with neither unless you rent one big studio.

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I, along with my girlfriends and more times alone with my husband, have rented huge apartments through Airbnb this past year. It was so easy to find one place that can accommodate from 6-10 people in beds and that’s not counting living room space or dining areas. I love getting a studio or one bedroom with the hubby, where we have a kitchen so we can cook our own meals and a couch for some down time.

The plus of Airbnb, is finding that one location and splitting the cost. You don’t have to worry about your hotel rooms not being right next to each other.

Other than rooming together so closely, we were able to do our beverage and food shopping and stock up the kitchen. That meant lots of booze for the day/pregame for the night, breakfast items, snacks, and huge boxes of coffee we had to use during our entire stay.

Did I mention there’s no security unlike in a hotel?

When renting through Airbnb, you do have to e-mail the owner (s) and get your reservation approved. There is usually a rental agreement which will specify what you’re not allowed to do, cleaning services after you leave, check in and check out and when quiet hours are. So even though you can take more advantage of not having security, you still have to be respectful of the place and the neighbors.

Some of my best Airbnb rentals have saved me over $100 per night.

My most favorite Airbnb experience was staying at the Blue View Apartments in Curacao. 

Do you love Airbnb as much as I do?