Flying the New American Airlines 777-300

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As a frequent flyer of American Airlines, I didn’t realize what jet I was about to take from NYC to London.

It was the new 777-300 model.  Can I fly that everywhere please?

It’s the layout of a 3 seater, a 4 seater in the middle, then another 3 seater on the right. I got my own 4 seater aisle luckily n made it into a bed to sleep all spread out on!

Besides the flight being very empty (it was a Tuesday evening I was flying out on), these were the features I got to enjoy!

– My own TV screen!

– My own remote control built into the tv screen

– 48 free premium movies! (yes i spent the time counting – and almost ALL  were new releases)

– Music, which I did not count

– USB entrance

– Apple charger entrance

– Regular power cord entrance for charging

The food was the best I ever had. Dinner did not taste like I was frozen or reheated at all.

I stayed up late watching movies, munching, and then slept like a baby!


My own tv!


All the pillows for me!


aa food