Iceland – Island Talk Tuesday

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Ice ice baby! Iceland is quite the big island to cover and getting a lot of travel bloggers and travelers visiting recently. Hint – I want to go and it’s a 5 hour flights from New York.

About Iceland

Iceland is a huge island of almost 40,000 square miles, which makes it about 30% larger than Scotland and Ireland.  It is a haven of hot springs, volcanoes, glaciers and mountains and of course – snow! It is not covered in ice and snow and  is most commonly confused with Greenland  which is precisely that year-round. I see constant advertisements of their “Reyka” vodka circulating…should give it a try.

How Do I Get There?

Iceland is in the Atlantic Ocean and on the path of travel from the US to Europe (on many flights). International flights are easy to come across and you can request a free stopover at Iceland through Icelandair. The distance is about 5 hours from the east Coast, 5 hours from Rome, and 2 hours from London.

What Is There to Do?

Snow activities such as skiing, hiking in the snow and experiencing the wild-life is a big part of Iceland. The hot springs, or as they call it – geothermal pools, are famous. The Blue Lagoon is the place to go and you can bring a beer inside the steamed water too. You can take glacier tours. Bird watching, whale, and seal watching is there too! There are three major National Parks and you can go horse-back riding if trekking through the snow is too streneous.


How can you forget seeing the Northern Lights? They’re visible from Iceland!

Climate and When to Visit

Summer – June through August – is the warmest  time to go with temps in the 50’s, maybe low 60’s if it’s a super warm summer.

The other months will get cooler, but they have to more with how many hours of sunshine you will have due to Iceland’s location.

December – There will be about 4 hours of sunshine. That is a big factor if you want to sightsee a lot and don’t enjoy the dark.

Visiting during the summer, the sun will never fully set.

The months in between Fall and Spring, such as October and March will average about 8 hours of sunshine per day.