Birthday Wish List of a Travel Blogger

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It’s my 27th birthday and a HUGE Thank you to everyone who has been reading  my blog and supporting my travels and writing. Even if you don’t support it, the work is going well so I’m doing things right 🙂

I have lots in store for myself and the world this next year!

I’ve gotten used to the fact of aging. 60 is like the new 50 anyway so we don’t have much to worry about in our time. You don’t have to be in Hollywood to look as good as those celebrities. My philosophy is take care of yourself and do what makes you happy. It will keep you younger and healthier!

I’m already starting off on a great foot by being home and leaving for Charlotte, North Carolina tomorrow! That means my year is going to be even more travel-packed than 26 was.

As most travelers may have a bucket list, I don’t have a specific one because I want to go EVERYWHERE. It’s all on my bucket list so it would be a never-ending one.


Therefore, I do have an idea of a list of places I want to travel to during my 27th year of living:

Wish Bone Two Piece Set Embroidery Hoop Art

Age 27 – Let’s get it!

Charlotte, North Carolina – happening tomorrow!

Australia – Sydney and Great Barrier Reef (most likely happening in February 2014)

Caribbean – Puerto Rico or St. Maarten or Dominica

Spain – Madrid, Salamanca, and Ibiza (if I hopefully get accepted into volunteering for 2014)

Florida – Key Largo and Key West

+ other destinations that come as surprises.


I can’t wait to see how this year pans out 🙂


A recap of how 26 was for me in case you’re a curious cat –

Age 26  – Accomplished Destinations

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Austin, Texas

Laguna Beach and San Diego, California

Utila, Honduras

Chicago, Illinois


London, England


Belfast, Northern Ireland

= 10 new destinations. Super happy with that!





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