Bali, Indonesia – Island Talk Tuesday

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About Bali

bali beach

Bali is a tropical island of Indonesia. It is located in eastern Asia and is referred to as the “Island of the Gods”. There are 4 million people living on this island.

How Do I Get There?


You can reach Bali by flying a major airline into Densapar Airport ( aka Ngurah Rai). Then take a cab ride to wherever you want to go. There’s plenty of safe taxis outside the airport.

What is There To Do?

basli dance

Bali! Besides being one of the top paradisal islands visited, there’s 10 cities to visit on the island. The island consists of volcanic hills, mountains, beaches – including black sand. There is world know diving and surfing here. Dancing and music is a huge part of the culture.

There’s three safari parks to visit. The Bali People Struggle Museum also exists which depicts the war many years ago against invaders. There’s a bird park for watchers and many springs you can dip into. There are temples you can visit also and any parties or cultural dances that may go on are always fun to watch!

sfari marine park

Climate and When to Come Visit

Bali has a tropical climate all year round averaging 31 degrees Celsius in the day.

The rainy and humid season lasts from October through April. The most rain falls during December and January. May through September is the dryest season.