Attraction: Titanic Museum in Belfast, Northern Ireland

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I have started to get bigger on visiting museums and learning more history of countries. Free museum days got me started on it, but now I think it’s age and wisdom that I wish to acquire more of.

With that said, one of the greatest new museums I did visit was the Titanic Museum in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Now I’m not saying for anyone to take a trip out there just for the museum, but if you are in Dublin, a day trip is very cheap and the museum is usually the top attraction besides the Black Taxi Cab Ride (that will be in a future post!).

The Titanic Museum opened in March 2013. It is located right next to the pier that the real Titanic was actually put into the ocean!

It costs 14.75 Euros for entrance if you are not going with a group. I paid $35 to go on a day tour from Dublin that included transportation to and from and the ticket to the museum.You can buy tickets in advance on the website here and save 5%.

Overall, the museum has lots of artifacts on display that were regained from the shipwreck and newsletters. There’s videos playing on the construction of the ship and boarding of it. Since the museum is new, it has three floors, two dining areas, and is wheelchair friendly.

The cool attraction is – There’s a ride inside!

Up to six people can sit inside a cart and slowly get a ride (yes, slow – not rollercoaster style) as you have speakers tell you what you are passing. The layout is in the inside of the ship – I won’t tell you which part so you’re surprised if you ever go!

Here’s some photos from the Titanic Museum below. It is a sad tour and one of a kind. This museum cannot be replicated anywhere else, so it’s worth to check out if you’re close to Belfast.


The waters the Titanic entered when it took off.

IMG_0741 - Copy (2)

Inside show

IMG_0738 - Copy

One of the designs

IMG_0749 - Copy

One of the videos of the Titanic as it is put into the water is playing on this TV

IMG_0734 - Copy (2)

The outdoor entrance