Vieques Island, Puerto Rico – Island Talk Tuesday

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As some stormy weather is moving through the US, here’s some tropical island not too far away to lust about going to – 2 hours away from most big cities!

About Vieques Island

Vieques is an island of Puerto Rico, about 8 miles off the eastern coast. Besides San Juan and Ponce, this is the other best known destination for visitors. It was known in the past for being used by the USA as a bombing test ground, but protests led to the US leaving in 2003 – thank god! No bombs are necessary to spoil such a beautiful island.

How Do I Get There?

map of vieques

Visitors can fly into the main airports – San Juan, Ceiba, and Isla Grande on the mainland to transfer for a 20-30 minutes flight to Vieques. Saint Croix and Saint Thomas Islands have direct flights to Vieques if you want to island hop!

You can also catch the ferry for $4 roundtrip from Fajardo on the mainland The ferry runs about 4 times per day and locals get priority so you may have to arrive 2 hours early to get a ticket and wait to get on.

What is There to Do?

mosquito bay

Vieques has tropical beaches and a biolumiscent bay (Mosquito Bay) – where you can see blue algae light up the waters. Aside from the beach activities, there are feral horses that run around wild.

Esperanza is the city to visit. Renting a car is almost vital as the island is small, but you need to drive down lots of dirt roads and the beaches are spread out. The better snorkeling beaches are on the southern, western end of the island.

There’s an old sugarcane plantation to visit – Hacienda Playa Grande. A museum and City Hall to see some industrial landmarks.  There’s seven festivals that take place during holidays, such as the Puerto Rico International Film Festival, Christmas Festival, and traditional town parties.

feral horse

Climate and When to Come Visit

Dry season – January through April – little to no rain and lots of sunshine

Wet/Hurricane season – May through November – it doesn’t mean there will always be such weather but it is more probably.

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  2. We love Vieques! We had a blast exploring the island by scooter over Easter weekend. The beaches are to die for 🙂 You can also reach the island by a $2 ferry ride but the flight was much more enjoyable (we did it both ways).

    1. Wow $2! Doing that, sold lol

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