Mistake Fares – Yes They Do They Exist!

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Mistake fares are for real – airlines put up  tickets with a “mistaken” fare for sale and people buy them all the time – before the website shuts down that is!

That’s how I got my $945 roundtrip ticket to Australia last weekend – normally a $1550 -$1700 ticket for peak, summer, dry season-  in the middle of February. It’s confirmed!

Here’s what the deal is with mistake fares:

  • The price listed online is super low – lower than it ever should be
  • The price is usually that low because the taxes or fuel surcharges or forgotten, or someone made a VERY BIG numerical error
  • Jump on it, because word gets out fast and the airline catches on fast
  • The website will shut down, meaning they’ve caught onto the mistake and you’re too late
  • You MAY or MAY NOT get honored for the mistake fare
  • Worst case scenario – you get sent an e-mail from the airline that states it CANNOT HONOR the fare and your credit card is refunded the total fare
  • Best case scenario – you SAVE yourself hundreds of dollars and it’s HONORED!

How do I find these mistake fares?

post on mistake fare

Following certain bloggers on Facebook and Twitter is how I get informed.

Nomadic Matt – who I’ve met twice – is a long known travel writer and posted the alert on the mistake fares for Australia and other countries. From the comments, I learned the website was up for about 20 minutes. Other fares people got were Newark to Milan for low 100’s. Roundtrip tickets from JFK to Poland were going for mid 200’s!

The Points Guy – a friend of a friend of a friend, and great contact to follow – writes about maximizing your travel points and credit card deals associated with earning points and redeeming.

He posted this crazzzzay deal in September 2013 which was honored – fares from $0 -$12 -$24 from the USA to Hawaii which were honored! You can read that article here. I would have jumped on it but I had weddings to attend!

So yes – mistake fares do exist and they are real, so go for it!

I hope they come up so I can repost the deals to you all, keep an eye out!