Caribbean or Pacific Islands? – Which are Better?

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I can’t tell you which ocean of islands is better! What would I be thinking if I could 😉

What I can tell you are some factual differences if you’re thinking where to visit next, so let’s do it:

map of caribbeam                                             pacific islands


– Fast flights from Eastern Coast of USA, Europe, Central and South America

– Option of island hopping in between  countries

– Finding super sales and deals is easy

– Home to the 2nd greatest reef – the Meso-American

– Founded by many Europeans

– Dry season is distinct – January to April


VS.   Pacific

– Far, long flights from anywhere (Hawaii is 5.5 hours plus from Cali, 8+ to other islands)

– Option of island hopping within an archipelago of islands, in one nation

– Expensive wherever you fly from

-Home to the Great Barrier Reef

– Founded by many native Indian tribes, then taken over by other nations

– Dry season is different for different islands – check the climate info on each one!


The other fact I can say is that both oceans have beautiful islands! Visit both sides.