Bermuda – Island Talk Tuesday

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About Bermuda


Bermuda is thought to be a Caribbean island, but it actually isn’t. It lies pararell with North Carolina in the Atlantic Ocean, by itself. Many of us categorize it Caribbean because of its close proximity to those islands ans the tropicalness, so might as well. It’s not North America and it’s definitely not in Europe.

Fun fact- It’s only 20.54 square miles!

How Do I Get There?


It’s easy to fly into Bermuda from North America. Most European and other countries have a layover in London and then fly into Bermuda from Heathrow Airport. Cruises are a much inexpensive option from New York or Miami, and in between, too.

What is There to Do?


Bermuda has pink sand beaches, that’s the first thought everyone gets when visiting. Since it’s a small island, it’s very easy to get around on the bus or car rentals. Some attractions include Maritime Musuem, St. Peter’s Church, the aquarium, Gibb’s Hill lighthouse, and Crystal and Fantasy Caves. Bermuda is known for cave exploration and diving. There’s many golf courses and clubs all over.

Climate and When to Come Visit

The peak season is from Memorial Day through August. This is the hottest Bermuda gets which is mid 80’s. September and May/late April are good to go as shoulder season time between winter and summer.
This doesn’t mean the winter in Bermuds has freezing temperatures and snow. The temps fall to the 50’s and 60’s in the day, which is chilly for the waters and bathing suits. Prices are a major difference during the colder time.

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