Staying in the Nuevo Vallarta of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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A  historical, western area of Mexico – Puerto Vallarta – continues to be a flourishing tourist destination. Most visitors first think of staying in the hotel zone of Puerto Vallarta right outside the city centre. The area of Nuevo Vallarta, which most don’t know about, is becoming more known as another option.


Nuevo Vallarta is about 10 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta, across the chanel. The airport seperates both Vallartas which makes either side accessible. The difference is that staying in Nuevo Vallarta makes it a longer ride to the city centre (maybe 20 minutes total) but it is much quieter for those that don’t enjoy too much noise at night.

I stayed in Nuevo Vallarta at Paradise Village – which is one of the oldest hotels and timeshares on this strip of hotels. There’s plenty of oceanfront hotels including the Hard Rock, the Marriot, and even the Four Seasons at the northern end.

They all have their own assortment of restaurants, as well as the town of Nuevo Vallarta if anyone does not want to remain on their resort the entire town. Nuevo Vallarta has a bit of an older feel to it as it’s not luxurious or modern type resorts. But then, you get a taste of the more rural Mexico which is still being built up. Some hotels, such as the Paradise Village, even have animals that live on the resort and have more room for more amenities.

In the future, I’d like to stay right in Puerto Vallarta, closer to the city. A deciding factor would be to make it more of a city trip, but you still get the beach access.

Here’s some pics of the Paradise Village where I stayed:


Mexican architectural design on the outside of one of the towers

mexico pyramid

Pyramid waterfall


Tigers that lived on the resort – caged of course!

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