Tasmania – Island Talk Tuesday

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About Tasmania

Tasmania is an island, and it’s a state of Australia. It’s located south of Australia and sometimes may get mixed up with Tanzania, which is a republic in Africa. It’s as big as Ireland even though it looks miniscule to Australia. Their promotion motto is “Island of Inspiration”.

Fun fact – It’s the 26th largest island in the world.

How Do I Get There?


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A trip package between Australia, New Zealand, and Tasmania can be booked or you can travel if you’re staying in Southern Australia. You can take a ferry from Melbourne which takes 10 hours or take a short flight of 1 hour. Cars are allowed on the ferry and drinks are served.

What is There to Do?

hastings cave

Since Tasmania is such a huge island, you can’t expect to go through it all in one time, or even a few times. Tasmania does experience seasons so you can do brisk walks and hiking in the Autumn or surfing all year. There’s many granite mountains to climb and nature to explore.

Salamanca Place is on the big “hangout” spots for people, markets, and music. The  Hastings caves are an attraction too and has a thermal pool inside with a forest outlining it. King Island and Flinders Island are part of Tasmania, where you can take a short ferry and sea tons of shipwrecks if you scuba dive and try different foods.

Descent from Pelion Gap. Pinestone valley. Overland track Tasmania Day4


Climate and When to Visit

Tasmania experiences all seasons, with winter lows in the mid 30’s. The winter season is during June through September. Summer is December through February. The highs in summer reach about high 60’s because of it’s low location in the South Pacific. There’s a lot more rain overall on this island than Australia or nearby countries.