Is Cruising Getting More Expensive in 2014?

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cruise ship

The answer seems to be: Yes. As I have been researching and reading some forums, the prices of cruises is increasing as the prices of airfare continues to increase.

Cruises always have good, cheap deals for a regular closed cabin room. The suites. window rooms, or balcony rooms are the ones with a bigger price tag attached.

In short, everything is going up but there’s always deals out there that we have to look for. Signing up for newletters from websites can help with scoring a deal and receiving the notice in your e-mail. Waiting for a deal and jumping on it can be beneficial too if you’re  not a planner.

I have been seeing pretty good sales on flights here and there through the past 1-1.5 years. It appears to be that they come quick and go quick. JetBlue does a lot of 24 hour sales on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Other websites don’t advertise it but drop prices a lot on Monday – Tuesday mornings.

The same goes with cruises. Since, they’re cheaper overall, you know a good deal will always be there but you can always save $20-$50 more if you find it at the right time.

Cruising lets you see lots of destinations, so might as well go for it if you want to save money on flying. Booking earlier seems to be beneficial when I was reading the forums but who says mid and end year sales won’t be around? There’s always a holiday coming around.