Christmas Island, Australia – Island Talk Tuesday (Xmas Edition!)

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Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

To take a  break from all the food, presents, and work if you’re still at work today –  take a mind trip to Christmas Island! Bet you didn’t know about it ’till now.

About Christmas Island

It’s an island territory of Australia off the north-western coast. It’s called Christmas Island because it was discovered on Christmas Day in 1643! There’s about 2,000 people who live there, but only in certain parts of the island.

Fun fact – red crabs migrate and take over other parts of the island!

How Do I Get There?

map to xmas island

Christmas Island is accessible by flight from Perth, which is on the mainland of Australia or Jakarta, Indonesia. Flights range from $600-$1000. You can also reach it by perdonal yacht or a cruise ship from the western coast of Australia or Singapore, although there have been quite a few boat wrecks I came across online.

What is There to Do?

Christmas Island


Flying Fish Cove is the main settlement on the island. The National Park makes up most of the island, so an idea for a nature tour/walk is what attracts most visitors. There’s rare species on the island such as the bulldog and Maclear’s rats, a red footed Booby, and the Common Noddy. Many caves, rainforest and freshwater springs are there to explore. The Huge Dale waterfall is a sight to see and with the red crabs migrating, you can try to get as close as you can or watch from afar.

flying fish cove


red footed booby

Climate and When to Come Visit

The temperatures remain in the mid-high 70’s year-round due to it’s location near the equator. There really is no bad time to come. The most rain falls in January and February, estimating 11 inches throughout the months.