Why I’m Not Making a Top 10 List Like Most Bloggers

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What many of you have been seeing since last week are “Top Ten” “Top Five” lists or “Favorite trips/moments of 2013” posts by many bloggers. As those are all fun to read, why aren’t I making a list myself and why would any of you care?

1. Business and Keeping Relationships

I want to keep good business relationships with everyone. I don’t want to highlight which (and if any!) were my favorite, because then it goes to show which destination or which sponsor I liked the most and which I didn’t, and didn’t make “my list”. That means whoever I would put in my list would know they’re better than the others. What about the ones who didn’t make the list, would I even get to work with them in the future? Even if I say I’m not favoritizing in order of ranking, whoever gets listed as #1 on a list, is still seen as a “favorite” as opposed to who’s last on the list.

2.Future jobs and gigs

Like I mentioned in the previous point, would I even get future opportunities and assignments with those who did not make my supposed list? Employers research your blogs as well as previous posts. If I had a list, there would many opinions and maybe it would make the difference of contacting me at all. I want as many opportunities as possible and I’m not trying to avoid them. I want to avoid a burning of relationships by such posts.

3. Questioning Destinations

Yes all the “lists” and “top …” posts are going to get read as I am right now. Nevertheless, I too remember my fellow bloggers and where they have traveled to in the year so I too question why certain destinations aren’t on the list. It makes me ask why, and the reasoning. It shouldn’t make me think any less of a destination or trip that didn’t get the applause and shining moment that others did, but then again it kind of makes me feel that way.

Sorry my fellow bloggers, you won’t see a Favorites or Top Whatever List from me, but I will continue to read yours and hope you don’t burn any bridges in the process.