Balance is the Theme of 2014

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Happy New Year everyone!

The most common word I have been hearing for the new year and as a goal or resolution is: Balance.


That is one thing I certainly want to achieve more of as well as other bloggers I have been following.

Balance with writing, traveling, seeing and keeping in touch with family and friends ,enjoying our time, living it at the same time but not becoming lazy. Balance with social media, not living on our phones and laptops entirely, but not losing our face and voice to the world. Balance for new travelers to make it a part of their lives and not come to the end of the year with vacation days they are losing.

Balance is going to be a hard thing to achieve because I always want to do it all at once.

January will start off on good foot as there’s not much going on holiday wise and thankfully I did not book up my weekends yet.

We should all try to remember to have balance in our lives and make ourselves happy.

Happy New Year! Let’s all have a good year!