The Summary of 2013 – Destinations, Events, Activities, and Life

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2013 has ended and the time of reflecting is still occurring in my head. It wasn’t the best year, but it definitely had a lot of great moments and new things happening in my life – such as this blog!

I have a much better feeling on 2014, because:

A. It’s an even number year (always feels luckier for that reason)

and B. I feel like more positive things will come for myself!


The Roundup of Destinations:

These were all newly visited!

1. May 2013 – Austin, Texas

2. June 2013 – Laguna Beach, California

3. June 2013 –  San Diego, California

4. June 2013 – Utila, Honduras

5. July 2013 – Chicago, Illinois

6. August 2013 – Aruba

7. October 2013 – London, UK

8. October 2013 – Dublin, Ireland

9. October 2013 – Belfast, Northern Ireland

10. Princeton, New Jersey

11. Charlotte, North Carolina


Roundup of First Time-rs (Good and Bad)

1. Car got broken into

2. Became a bridesmaid TWICE for two of my best friends’ weddings

3. Went on a fake zip line

4. Almost died on a boat (good times!)

5. Scuba dove the Meso-American reef

6. Went to a gun shopting range and shot 5 types

7. Began kickboxing and got a membership

8. Looked out on a skydeck (this one was in Chicago)

9. Began my blog

10. Attended a travel conference

11. Went on a solo trip in Europe


It may not sound that luxurious, but I’m happy with how 2013 turned out. As you see, not much happened before Austin, TX in May so it was very mellow. Then life started to get more exciting.

As for 2014, it’s the 3rd day and I’m already home from my day job due to a snowstorm, I got a new financial plan in place, and I’m making a lot of things happen.


Stay tuned 🙂

Next destination is Sydney, Cairns, and Great Barrier Reef in Australia in February!