Abacos, Bahamas – Island Talk Tuesday

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About Abacos

The Abacos are part of the Outer Islands in the Bahamas. They have a reputation for boat building since the early days. Abacos is estimated at 649 square miles. Rather small compared to Nassau or Paradise Island, it can serve as a more private retreat with less crowds.

How Do I Get There?

abaco map

By airplane you can fly Bahamas Air via Nassau. There’s five flight departing daily. You can fly via Marsh Harbour. There’s a ferry available from Marsh Harbour to other points in Abacos, or from these outer islands – Gauna Cay, Treasure, Green Turtle, Nassau or Sandy Point. The ferries are longer – from Nassau takes about 4 hours. The quickest is from Marsh Harbour which is 20 minutes.

What is There to Do?


Renting a boat is the most popular activity. You can inter island hop between the different points of the Abacos such as Great Guana, Man O’ War and several more.

There are 17 marinas total, all including restaurants and bars so it’s a great place for boat parties and socializing. The Abaconian waters are clear so any water sports are recommended – diving, snorkeling, fishing.

For those who like art, you can see Pete’s Pub and Gallery. For nature lovers, there are National Park and a wild horse preserve.

There is also a castle – Cottman’s Castle

cotttmans castle

Climate and When to Come Visit

The temperatures in Abacos is warm year round, with the highest temperatures in the summer season – June through September. In the winter, the temps can drop to the mid 60’s which is still comfortable but might be chilly for those who like heat heat heat!

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