The Adventure at Dunns River Falls – Ocho Rios, Jamaica

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I chose Jamaica for my trip after finishing graduate school, with the primary desire to party my stay away. I didn’t make any plans of doing any attractions and played it by ear.

Attractions find you. That’s what I learned as there’s always someone trying to sell you a horse-riding package or a boat trip in Jamaica. Which makes going on one last minute very easy compared to other islands!

This is how I ended up at Dunns River Falls in Ocho Rios!

Dunn's River Falls

It’s a 900 foot waterfall that you can hike. Only need to pay a couple bucks – 600 Jamaican dollars which comes out to about $6 US dollars.

You can hike it by yourself and join a group of people who hold onto each other to help them get up. You start from the beach and make your way up to the rainforest.

In between rocks, there’s natural pools formed by the waterfalls and you have chances to stop and hang out. No rush or deadline to finish climbing!

Just hang out, swim, and get wet.


You can see the beach and the bottom in this pic as I begin!

dunn river falls

The group of people going together – and some diverting to the falls.

me in waterfall

Me taking a rest stop!

dunn river

The top of Dunns River Falls

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