Barbados – Island Talk Tuesday

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About Barbados

Barbados is an island in the Caribbean Sea. It’s known for its’ luxury and pricey-vacation packages, and it’s the 51st richest country in the world. It has come to have options for budget travelers as its’ popularity has grown to accommodate them more easily.

It’s listed as being outside the hurricane belt zone, but it susceptible to some stormy weather.

It continues to be a sunny destination to travel to year round because of this and its’ economy continues to grow. The Barbadians are called “Bajans”.

How Do I Get There?

barbados map

There are many flights incoming to Barbados – from the USA, Canada, U.K., Brazil and nearby islands in the Caribbean. If you are coming from elsewhere, you will need a transfer in one of these countries.

The fly time from NYC to Barbados is a little over 4 hours.

What is There to Do?

Besides the waters and beaches and tropical life, Barbados has other things to offer, such as their rum!


In mid January, the Mount Gay Rum Round Barbados race occurs. The yearly Food and Wine Festival is held in November.

The largest carnival is “Crop Over” which occurs in August. This marks the end of the sugar cane harvest.



Also, Bridgetown is the capital and largest city of Barbados which has more attractions – historical museums, nature tours, restaurants, and everything else you can imagine in the island life.

Climate and When to Come Visit

Barbados has two season: Dry (January through May) and Wet (June through December).  Either time is good to come since the hurricanes have a very slim chance of hitting Barbados. Flooding might occur if a hurricane passes nearby during the months of July through November.