What is the best snorkeling beach in Aruba?

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Snorkelers, swimmers, and everyone – where can you find the best snorkeling when you’re in Aruba? Snorkeling spots with lots of marine life flourishing and not only clear waters.

All of Aruba has clear blue green waters, but for most areas it’s waves and no fish. Lucky for those of you who hate fish. But for those of us who want to see them, here is where to go:

1. Renaissance Aruba’s private island – Renaissance Island


You have to stay at their hotel in order to visit their island which has two private beachs. Both have great snorkeling because it’s out in the ocean and protected. I stayed there myself BECAUSE of the fact I snorkel and scuba and love it! I saw tons of fish, coral, and even found a conch!

IMG_0124 - Copy


2. Arashi Beach


This beach is on the northern tip of the island and can be reached by taxi or rental car. It’s shaped like a crescent which helps keep the sea life within its’ waters and waves don’t impact it nearly as much as the other beaches.

3. Eagle Beach


This beach is by far one of the best rated by many forums and websites. It is one of the less crowded which gives you the chance to snorkel within the waters, but there’s not much to see when you put your head underwater. You can always swim out a bit further and see if anything comes your way.