Curacao – Island Talk Tuesday

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About Curacao

curacao beach

Curacao is an island in Dutch Caribbean which is also part of the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao). Curacao was named because the word means “heart” in Portuguese. It was a great country for trade and still is in this day. Most of the original inhabitants are from South America, since its’ location is right up north of the continent. It’s known as a paradise of many things.

How Do I Get There?

map of curacao

There’s direct flights to Curacao from many countries and states. There’s one international airport that is considered the largest in all of the Caribbean (that is, compared to the other Caribbean islands. Here’s the list of airlines that fly to Curacao:

•American Airlines
•Air Berlin
•Air Canada
•Tiara Air
•West Jet
•Copa Airlines
•Surinam Airway

Some countries such as Colombia, Cuba, Haiti, Peru require a tourist Visa, but majority do not. You can stay in the country for up to 30 days without a Visa as long as you have a passport and a return ticket.

There’s two cruise ports in Curacao, so cruising is a popular option for those who like to destination hop.

What is There to Do?

Curacao is a tropical island so it comes with guaranteed beautiful beaches, clear waters, and all water activities imaginable.

One of the main differences in sights are the colorful buildings of the country.

curacao buildingd

Curacao hosts the famous Carnival – which starts in January and ends in late February/early March. There are parades, dancing in the streets, music, contests and costumes. It’s easy to get involved, just go to the streets and join in.

The capital – Willemstad – is a city to explore which also has bridges you can walk over – Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge. Cool tip, you can walk on the bridge as it moves. The Old Town area is one of the most sociable as noted by other travelers.

queen mma

If you love animals, go to the Ostrich Farm where you can feed them.

Climate and When to Come Visit

Curacao has summer all year round. It is located out of the hurricane belt zone, therefore no time is a bad time to visit. If there is to be a rainy day, the highest chance is during September or October if there is a hurricane in the northern islands. Usually the sprinkles come and don’t stay all day.